Issues Solutions For Breastfeeding in Public-

Breastfeeding Chairs Fully Privity Protection


DYD SMART Technology design the Breastfeeding Chairs, which can provide the Fully Privity Protection, once you do Breastfeeding in Public. This is the good news and good Solutions for most of mothers.

This is our story, which lasted for more than 1.5 years. During this period, it was full of too many difficulties, so I won't talk about the difficulties one by one. Fortunately, we have fixed all the issues, and now we can public our product here.

Thank you for coming here to know about us. Please check the following :

Breastfeeding in Public Breastfeeding Chair Video

1. The Product R&D Process

DYD Smart Breastfeeding Chairs

First Version Design Drawing:

Achieved the function requirement, but the Styling is not good enough。

DYD Smart Breastfeeding Chairs

Final Version Design Drawing:

It has a great improvement compare to First Version Design, including the Mechanism and Styling Design.

2. The Prototype Making  Process

(1)CNC Machining 1:1 Model

(2)Making the Rapid Tooling

(3)Colorful Painting

(4)Good Quality Leather

3. Product Quality Certifications



4. The Design Patent

5. Taking Videos

全方位保护哺乳椅-公共场所应急哺乳不尴尬#全方位保护哺乳椅-公共场所哺乳问题解决方案# Fully Privity Protection in Public, Breastfeeding without Embarrassing

In the End

This is our story. The Breastfeeding Chair, which is the small space, but will bring great civilization and temperature to the city. It can provide mothers with a safer and more comfortable public breastfeeding environment, so that mothers with their babies can get rid of the embarrassment of breastfeeding in public places, and mothers have more dignity. Welcome to contact me through the information below to support on breastfeeding together, and do our best to help!

Styling  Structure  Parts  CNC  3D Printing  Prototype  PCB Layout

Address/地址:Shenzhen, China
If you have any ideas, please let me know.