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飞机结构设计-国防工业出版社   PDF 下载

DYD Smart Technology 飞机结构设计

飞机结构设计》.pdf   根据现代飞机结构设计的基本要求,结合国内外新型飞机实例,对飞机的外载荷、飞机结构分析与设计基础、飞机各部件(机翼尾翼舵面机身起落架等)的结构型式和受载特点、飞机各部件(机翼、尾翼、机身等)的结构设计基本原理和方法、飞机的气动弹性现象等作了较全面的阐述。《飞机结构设计》适合于飞机设计专业教学使用,也可供从事飞机结构设计的工程技术人员参者。

"Aircraft Structure Design".pdf According to the basic requirements of modern aircraft structure design, combined with domestic and foreign new aircraft examples, the external load of the aircraft, the basis of aircraft structure analysis and design, and various aircraft components (wings, tails, rudder surfaces, and fuselages) The basic principles and methods of structural design of aircraft components (wings, tails, fuselages, etc.), and aeroelastic phenomena of aircrafts are comprehensively explained.

"Aircraft Structure Design" is suitable for the teaching of aircraft design, and it can also be used by engineers and technicians engaged in aircraft structure design.

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