We have high-efficiency product development speed in product design, which can meet customer needs. Our technical capabilities are sufficient, and our design capabilities are constantly improving.

我们在产品设计上有高效能的产品开发速度, 能满足客户需求。我们的技术能力足够,我们的设计能力也在一直提升。



CAE is a computer-aided solution to the analysis of mechanical properties such as the strength, stiffness, and heat conduction of complex engineering and product structures, optimization of structural properties. Good at li
near and nonlinear, statics and dynamics, fluid mechanics.
CAE是用计算机辅助求解复杂工程和产品结构强度、刚度、热传导等力学性能的分析及结构性能的优化。 擅长于线性和非线性, 静力学和动力学,流体力学。



We have own professional rapid prototype production factory. KEY SERVICES PROVIDED: CNC MACHINING, SILICONE MOLDING, SHEET METAL PRESSING, 3-D PRINTING, INJECTION MOLDING, DIE CASTING, ALUMINUM EXTRUSION, SURFACE FINISHING SERVICES. 我们拥有自己专业的快速原型生产工厂。 提供的主要服务:CNC加工、硅胶成型、钣金冲压、3-D打印、注塑、压铸、铝挤压、表面处理服务。

S-M-A-R-T Model


Every project we do, will follow our special SMART model,  sums up what characteristics any goal should have. SMART is an acronym for:
我们做的每一个项目,都会遵循我们特殊的SMART模型,总结任何目标应该具备的特征。 SMART 是以下的首字母缩写词:

Specific – Your inquiry are clearly understood by every engineers in the team.
具体的 - 团队中的工程师都清楚地了解您的询问。

Measurable – Every engineers can always get a clear idea of how well they are going to do.

Achievable – We will seriously reply to you an achievable goal – it isn’t talk in the sky type thinking.

Relevant – This goals we set must be important relevant for your inquiry.
相关的 - 我们设定的这个目标对您的询问必须有很重要的相关性。

Time-bound – We have a specific due date for completion instead of “some day”.

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