What is Rapid Prototyping? 什么是快速样件

Issuing time:2021-04-02 18:29


Rapid prototype   or Rapid model is no longer a relatively new term. It is the process of displaying the designed 3D engineering products in the simplest form in visual and functional evaluation.


Customers only need to carefully consider 5 key factors, namely. Function, Quality, Quantity, Complexity and Cost, which will have a significant impact on the success of prototype development.

DYD Smart Technology Rapid Prototyping


In the process of product design, the prototype is the preliminary version of the final product, used to evaluate the design, test technology or analyze the working principle, and then provide product specifications for the real working system.


Model is an integral part of engineering product design and an important link in the entire new product development process. Rapid prototyping can be used in any stage of the product development cycle, and can also be used in any component or sub-component, and can be repeated many times in the new product design process.

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