三防手机设计标准和规范-Rugged Smart Phone Design Standards and Specifications

Issuing time:2021-08-19 11:48

三防手机设计标准和规范-Rugged Smart Phone Design Standards and Specifications

        市面上的手机,比如IPHONE,华为,小米手机等,手机的防水性能都很少能达到IP67,而且经常是手机一掉落地面,就造成屏幕损坏。 三防手机是具有一定的防尘,防水,防摔的手机。深受热爱户外运动的年轻用户和专业用户所喜爱。我们从市场和客户的需求出发,制定设计规范,为三防手机设计提供参考。随着手机市场竞争日益激烈,更需要在细分市场上进行深入研发,以满足特定用户的特殊需求。

        Rugged Smart Phone is a mobile phone that is dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof. It is loved by young users and professional users who love outdoor sports. Starting from the needs of the market and customers, we formulate design specifications to provide references for the design of rugged mobile phones. With the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, it is more necessary to conduct in-depth research and development in market segments to meet the special needs of specific users.   


        Rugged Smart Phone design of the mobile phone must comprehensively consider the design requirements of all aspects of appearance design, structural design, and hardware design. In the initial stage of the design, the hardware design, stacking design, and structural design should be involved to determine the technical details of the three-proof , In the design and development, device selection, material selection, process selection, production and assembly, testing and quality control of each link, can we truly meet the requirements of the three-proof mobile phone and produce products that meet the quality requirements and market needs.


        The starting point of the design of the Rugged Smart Phone is to achieve the purpose of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall through the comprehensive selection of design and material technology. Among them, waterproof and dustproof are mainly through sealing treatment and special materials using "isolation" methods to block water and dust from the mobile phone, so that it cannot affect the performance of the mobile phone. The anti-fall   is mainly to increase the strength and anti-fall ability of the mobile phone through the design and the selection of materials.


The design idea of the Rugged Smart Phone   structure: pay attention to the trade-offs in the Rugged Smart Phone design. If it is a product with high Rugged Smart Phone requirements, the Rugged Smart Phone design must be taken as a main line. Defensive thinking and overall thinking should not be half-hearted in the design, because the pursuit of comprehensive results and neglect of one and the other will eventually lead to the failure of the Rugged Smart Phone design. The Rugged Smart Phone design needs to follow the principle of "one design focusing on one goal". Don't manage multiple heads at once, otherwise it will be very tricky and difficult to solve the problem in the future.

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