Product Detail

EV Tricycle Design and Manufacturing


1. L*W*H:   2650mm*1330mm*1700mm

2. Wheelbase:   2000mm   

3. Tread:   1150mm   

4. Ground Clearance:   180mm

5. Kerb Weight:   430kg   

6. Max.Payload:   500kg

7. Side Beam Bearing Type RectangularTube Chassis

8. Three Hydraulic Powered Drum Breaks

9. Double Trailing Arm Independent RearSuspension

10.5KW Permanent Magnet SynchronousMotor

11. CAN Protocol Vector Controlled MCU

12. 10KWH EV Standard Lithium Ion BatteryPack

13. 3300W On Board Charger

14. CAN Protocol Digital IP

EV Tricycle Design and Manufacturing

Service including:

Battery pack design, waterproof design, BMS board Design, Making Prototype , Suspension system Design, Gear Box Design, Steering System Design, ETC.

Styling  Structure  Parts  CNC  3D Printing  Prototype  PCB Layout

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